French Montana Feat. Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne – ‘Pop That’


French Montana dropped a song from his upcoming album “Excuse My French”, this song featured 3 other big artists at the moment: Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne. Montana goes with a unique instrumental, trying to change up the style as most rappers are trying to do at the moment. However, trying to be different on this occasion has paid off, the song seems to be a hit with many fans, including myself! French Montana seems to stick with his usual style on this track, adapting his averagely hard tone and lyrically making it a common hip-hop hit. Rick Ross goes in hard on this track, and no wonder, he has his new album “God Forgives, I Don’t” coming out July 31st. Along with that, him and his fellow artists at Maybach Music Group (Meek Mill, Wale, Stalley and Omarion) are releasing “Self Made Vol.2” on June 26th, a week today. Ross adapts his usual style when talking about money and women. A lot of notice has been taken to ‘Uncle Luke’ in this song, with Rick Ross mentioning “Shout out to Uncle Luke, shout out my b**ches too, we the 2 Live Crew, two for me, two for you”. Uncle Luke is a famous Miami rapper and former member of 2 Live Crew. There has been supposed beef between artists such as Lil’ Wayne and DJ Khaled with Uncle Luke; but with mentions in other songs such as “The Motto” by Drake and Lil’ Wayne, this beef should soon to be resolved and forgotten about. Coming to Drake, I think it’s fair say that he has really started to go in hard on his recent collaborations, he’s evolved so much lyrically, the way he raps, the things that he raps about has changed due to the blast of success he’s had in the last few months, especially after he released his sophomore studio album “Take Care”. There has been a lot of news involving Drake and several other artists about disagreements or hate on each other, Drake seems to address every single one of them on this track – “I hope you p***sy n****s hatin’ never make a nickel”, also adding “we don’t dress alike, we don’t rep alike, I shine different, I rhyme different, only thing you got is some years on me, man, f**k you and your time difference”. It’s great to see Drake changing up styles and still be able to go back to his old style in such collaborations as “So Good” with fellow Young Money artists, Shanell and Lil’ Wayne and also “Right Here” with Justin Bieber. Now, Lil’ Wayne, a very controversial rapper at the moment, due to his strange choice of clothing and actions. Wayne comes in at a standard rate, if I had to rate his verse, a solid 6/10. Wayne’s lyrics scream out explicit innuendos, his opens his verse with “B**ch, stop talking that sh*t and suck a n***a d**k for some Trukfit” – I mean, I know Lil’ Wayne is trying to promote his new clothing line ‘Trukfit’, but is that really the best way to do it, Wayne? Overall, I think this will be a top hit from French’s new album; it’s brilliant that he’s able to bring all of these artists together; especially after they’ve shown how well they can work together, “I’m On One” is a great example of that.


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