A$AP Rocky – “Goldie”


This track isn’t so new, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot written on the internet concerning hip-hop’s new golden boy, A$AP Rocky. Hit-Boy lays down a steady, high beat whilst A$AP goes in with a chilled verse – stating how he is better than other rappers: “these other rappers aimless”;  near to every emcee in the game right now is doing this. The hook consists of A$AP’s vocals being distorted until they reach a level at which he sounds as if he’s in a comatose. A$AP displays his lyrically advanced mind all over this track, referring to how he’s stuck with his A$AP mob through thick and thin, from the beginning until now – “it’s just me, myself and I and motherf*****s that I came with”. Rocky also seems to acknowledge his success with the first line of his second verse, “Yes I’m the shit, tell me do it stink?”, self-assured and arrogance comes across from this line, however, success is running rare in the game at the moment, especially sudden success. A$AP has been lucky to have such high accomplishments from his mixtape ‘LiveLoveASAP”, but with his fan base now stretching from the United States to the UK, France and Japan, A$AP Rocky will only become better.


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