Rick Ross feat. Drake & French Montana – “Stay Schemin'”


Although this song isn’t new, it’s a great hit; great for a party, great to put on in the club, great to listen to by yourself. This song comes from Rick Ross’ mixtape ‘Rich Forever’ which was the most downloaded hip-hop mixtape ever, until his protégé Meek Mill released his second mixtape ‘Dreamchasers 2’. This was undoubtedly the most successful song from the mixtape; this was the first time these artists had come together and collaborated on one production – they’re now at it again on French Montana’s newly released song “Pop That”, from his upcoming album ‘Excuse My French’. The Beat Bully aka Tone Beats made a memorable beat, a beat that has now been used for covers and freestyles everywhere. Originally, the beat was heard on one of Bow Wow’s YouTube webisodes, most probably misleading Bow’s fans to thinking he was going to spit on such a hard instrumental; but, on the bright side, we still got to hear Ross, Drake and French on this banger – sorry Bow Wow fans. Rick Ross raps well in his first verse, his slow yet powerful voice bellows through the beat and bass, exhibiting classic Ross, classic hip-hop at it’s best. French handles the hook with what some would call, a very monotone voice, but he handles it well, it works. Drake’s verse is pure fire, he address Common, a rapper that he had beef with just before this was released, Drake says “I just ask that when you see me, you speak up n***a, that’s all”, then adds “don’t be ducking like ya never wanted nothing” – it was risky to take hits like this at Common, being the well-respected rapper and actor that he is; it didn’t work out so well, with Common releasing a diss track back just a few days after this was streamed. At this stage, Drake had been labelled as “suddenly becoming gangsta” with this new style of rapping, not just rapping about life, morals and what he’s doing, but now addressing someone publically; it was a shock to everyone, but it was good to see, variations for every rapper is a long shot, but it paid off, fans started to like the new Drake. There was also a reference to Kobe Bryant’s wife; how their divorce had led to Kobe losing half of his fortune to his wife, the line “bitch, you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym” states that Kobe had earned that fortune from basketball, from being the player that he is, so why should she deserve half of Kobe’s earnings? Some say that she does due to her bringing up the children at home, but who knows, obviously Ross and Drake disagree. Montana introduces himself to the hip-hop world in his verse, collaborating on such a big track was his time to shine, and so he did. His almost ‘lazy’ style pays off with decent lyrics, many critics have evaluated Montana’s style the wrong way, in which to comment things along the lines of ‘he doesn’t seem to care, he doesn’t put any effort in’. French’s vocals may not be the most tuneful, he may not have such a powerful voice, but the art of rap is the lyrics, not how a certain voice sounds.


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