Drake smokes hookah whilst teasing new verse (Video)

As we all know, Drake has taken love to shisha; now claiming that he is Shisha Papi as well as Champagne Papi. This new video was posted by Oliver on the OVO blog (octobersveryown.blogspot.com). Drake teases with a new verse, letting the world know that new music is on it’s way. The track playing in the background sounds mellow, almost like his verse in “The Zone” by The Weeknd. Lyrically, his verse is very entertaining, Drake constantly surprises us with tales of his lifestyle and what he gets up to when he’s not hard at work in the studio. Drizzy raps “…puffin shisha, layin’ back, f***ing wit fifa, what I get for the features, I wouldn’t fuck wit me either”, reinforcing his calm lifestyle, whilst the following few words create a paradox, suggesting that if he was looking upon someone else with the same worth in the game, he wouldn’t even consider ‘f***ing’ with them; Drake realises how stupidly successful he has become.
So, let’s look forward to new music from Drake this summer.
Sit back, smoke some shisha and play fifa (as Drake would probably agree with).


One thought on “Drake smokes hookah whilst teasing new verse (Video)

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