A$AP Rocky feat. Lana Del Rey – “Ridin'”


A$AP Rocky released this shortly after the video to Lana Del Rey’s latest song “National Anthem” was released. “National Anthem” features A$AP in an acting role, not on musical influence or input at all; A$AP acts as JFK in a modern take of what is described to be as “a loss of innocence”. Coming to the new track, the collaboration between the two was not expected, however, there’s no doubt in the likeness of this song; it mixes Lana’s typical ‘pop’ tune with A$AP’s habitual rap style, with the expected distorted voice that has been used.The tune itself is different to any beat I’ve heard A$AP spit on before, it’s a higher, with more of a happy, calm vibe to it – although, his beats are some of the most original beats that can be come across in hip-hop. Lana’s voice cuts immensely well on this track, the beat suits her voice perfectly; her vocals calm the beat and already have the listener ready for A$AP’s verse – Lana proved her worth in collaborating with A$AP in the intro; amazing. Rocky comes in from Lana’s intro with the typical distorted voice, sounding as if A$AP is in a comatose. Pretty Flacko’s (Rocky) only verse compliments the song, repetitive, but impressive; his tune cuts well, the lyrics replicate the simpleness of the song, but add to the likeness.

This song has been said to be featuring on A$AP Rocky’s upcoming album “LongLiveA$AP”, which is being released on 9/11; a very controversial date to say the least. However, enjoy.


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