Live Review: Drake at Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London


Wireless Festival welcomed Drake to be the headliner for the Saturday of the big weekend. A supposed 80,000 people saw Drake do his thing on stage in central London. His set was similar to what some people would have seen on his arena tour around the UK in March and April; Drake had one and a half hours to prove himself to non-believers, it was difficult. Unfortunately, for the true fans of the YMCMB based rapper, the sound system was affected by the weather, the rain poured down over the onlooking festival-goers, and quietened the music that was bellowing before hand. For the people that were close, Drake’s performance was far from average, the crowd was amazing, their spirit was not affected by the rain whatsoever, which is great to see. Coming back to the set, Drake opened with “Lord Knows”, which was a massive hit from his album and was a great opening for every show on his Club Paradise Tour around Europe and the USA. He then moved on to “Under Ground Kings”, which again, was a hit with the crowd. Drake wasn’t alone on stage though, the “Crew Love” beat dropped, and on came The Weeknd, after having performed earlier in the day; having two artists collaborate live was great to see, it was much appreciated by the crowd. Nicki Minaj also joined him, after having performed just before Drake got on stage, they performed “Make Me Proud”, a track featuring on ‘Take Care’ which was also released as a single previous to the album being dropped. Drizzy added “No Lie” into his set, another fan favourite, being dropped a few months ago, a collaboration with the one and only 2 Chainz. One big surprise was that Drake added his “Wildfire” remix into his set, originally done by SBTRKT; presumably, Drake wanted to throw in some harder songs, seeing as a festival isn’t the place to sing more than two or three soft songs, so on that note, Drake performed well, he had a great set, a great atmosphere, the only problem was the weather. Although, that one problem was solved, as Drake made everyone chant about how they didn’t care about the rain. He is improving rapidly as a performer and is due to come back later this year.


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