DJ Drama ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill and Jeremih – “My Moment”


Another banger from Drama, it seems to be a big year for Drama – hit after hit. All three of these artists that he’s brought together are making a name for themselves this year, especially Meek Mill and 2 Chainz. Jeremih is renowned for his hit song “Birthday Sex”, he’s been quiet since then, but he seems to be coming back with a feature on a Diggy track earlier this year and not forgetting his contribution to Meek Mill’s banger “Amen”. Jeremih’s vocals add a softer tone to the song, it adds to the likeness and broadens the audience; it invites listeners that enjoy R&B as well as listeners that like hip-hop. The beat is typical Drama, sounds catchy, bass filled and hard; 2 Chainz raps well on this track, forget his typical style, 2 Chainz is showing that he can switch up styles and fit onto different beats. Now coming to Meek Mill, one of the best upcoming rappers in the game at the moment, he’s almost past the stage of upcoming because he’s almost at the top; he’s been a prominent figure of popular hip-hop this year. Meek Mill is “just waiting on [his] moment”, by that, he means he’s waiting to reach the top, you’re not close Meek, you’re in touching distance. All hip-hop fans are eagerly awaiting his first album ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ which is set to be released next month. Anyhow, give this song a listen, it won’t disappoint. Enjoy.


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