Lil Wayne ft. Big Sean – “My Homies Still” (Music Video)

Wayne drops this track with Detroit native, Big Sean. The initial thought that comes to mind when watching this video is that it’s not entirely normal; the town set in the first scene looks similar to the one used in the “Rella” video done by Odd Future. Wayne mirrors the strange vibe that OF give off in their visuals. Wayne has come out with a different instrumental to what you’d expect, but Wayne’s vocals definitely do the beat justice, as do Big Sean’s. Coming back to the music video, Wayne is sporting animal print shorts, with his top off – no surprise, but comes with a whole new energy that isn’t usually associated with Weezy nowadays, he bounces across the set, bumping with the beat, giving the video as much excitement as the audio does. Big Sean comes onto set sat down, rocking his typical leather strapback; his visual is sped up, a strange effect that has payed off, giving the video more originality than most others that have been released recently. A latter scene shows Weezy skating, as expected; trying to get recognition as the skater rapper that he is so nearly becoming – although there is a lot of disagreement about him taking up skateboarding or not, but let’s leave the beef to the side. The most interesting thing about this video comes at 3:38, where a lot of people have been controversially linking this scene to the Colorado shooting at the cinema. As some people count 12 skeletons, others count 13; this video was released days before the shooting, but the spookiness of the scene being in a movie theatre, with 12/13 skeletons in it seems strangely convenient. Anyhow, dismissing the controversy, this visual and song are a great hit, watch it, listen to it, enjoy.

Finally, with all due respect, I’m sure that everyone would agree that our feelings are with the families of those affected by the Colorado shooting.


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