Meek Mill – “Maybach Curtains” (NEW MUSIC)


Meek Mill is being previewed before the release of his first and long-awaited album ‘Dreams & Nightmares’. Although Meek only raps for about a minute, we get a clear vision of how he will approach his new album lyrically. He came to his mixtape ‘Dreamchasers 2’ with the intention of showing listeners his potential – his mixtape has now been recorded as the most successful mixtape ever to hit – mission accomplished. With him being a part of Maybach Music, a feature had of the vehicle itself had to come on a title of a song soon enough. Meek comes with a literal meaning to his lyrics: “…walk through the hall of a prison, now it’s the hall of fame”, he shows an insight to the darkness of his life, when he was in jail. However, Meek shows remorse and gratitude to the people that support him and the fans for getting him to where he is now. Something that hasn’t changed about Meek Mill and the rappers that he is surrounded by is the constant references to Club Liv, noticeably on a Sunday! Anyhow, give it a listen whilst you can and look forward to his new album “Dreams & Nightmares” that is set to drop 28th August!



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