Rick Ross Ft. Wale & Drake – “Diced Pineapples” (NEW MUSIC)


As many people know, Rick Ross underwent stressful seizures that scared a lot of people; many took concern in Ross’ health, nobody wanted to lose the Boss. Rozay said “[he] woke up every morning and ate diced pineapples”, himself, Wale and Drake strand off that idea to give you this track. A slow moving beat suits the situation and initial idea well, Wale opens with what seems as poetry, not rap; subtly entwining the manner of pause and rhythm that you’d expect from a well-respected poet. Showing nothing but appreciation, Drake tweeted: “@Wale did that song poetic justice. Incredible.” – Drizzy isn’t the only one that believes that. Rozay comes in with a fresh flow, his voice cuts well on this track, as it did on the track “Power Circle”, from ‘MMG Presents: Self Made Vol.2′, which has a similar instrumental; he raps about his riches, as per usual, but not in the bragging manner that he usually obtains, Rozay seems to be showing much gratefulness for the things that he has. The hook was left to Drake, which was always going to be a good bet, this song will have major popularity with collaborations from Drizzy and Ross’ MMG associate, Wale. Drake’s singing seems to have improved, more tone, more calmness but paradoxically, a little more effort; this has all came from The Weeknd inspiring Drake to sing better live, and in the studio. The hook consists of one of Drake’s many lady-issued phrases “I know it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, when you say it cause you mad, then you take it all back”, which then goes on to Drake resolving the problem with nothing other than sex, as Ross and Wale probably do too. It’s interesting to hear a change in Drizzy’s pitch, also, the fact that he is only featured singing on this track; usually, Drake would have a small section to lay down a rap, as he does in other songs that he’s featured on recently, such as “Right Here” with Justin Bieber. Ross’ second verse is all about the one thing Rozay really loves: women, he dives into his seductive ways and reenacts encounters. Wale has never been perceived as a soft rapper, but he has proved he can rap softly on various tracks, he does on “Diced Pineapples” too. Drake’s vocals aren’t the only ones that have seemed to be tweaked, Wale sounds softer and more poetic than ever, even if he adds him his renowned “work” every now and then. But nonetheless, this is a brilliant track and gives a great preview of the album that is soon to come!

Look forward to Rick Ross’ new album ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’, which is set to drop on July 31st, which isn’t long away at all! Enjoy.


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