“Enough Said” – Drake & Aaliyah

ImageThe whole Drake and Aaliyah project has been doomed as many different things, everything from good to bad; many artists have stood up and applauded Drake for the thought of it, waiting for the result. “Enough Said” was dropped by Drake, and his partner Noah “40” Shebib to show the world what they’d produced. The idea of a posthumous project makes Aaliyah’s legacy live on, it makes her whole persona stay within the musical world of today; it also gives her the credit that Drake obviously felt that she deserved before her passing. Coming to the music, it sounds as if 40 has come up with a beat that is a mixture of “Dreams Money Can Buy” and “Club Paradise”, which were tracks both released previous to Drake’s latest album ‘Take Care’. Aaliyah’s vocals compliment that calm vibe that the beat gives off, under Aaliyah, you here Drizzy gently murmuring “wassup”, the two sound as if they bond on the track already, which is strange for obvious reasons. Now coming to Drake’s verse, his whole style, his lyrics, and the way he says the words, it’s a masterpiece, it doesn’t seem as if he’s simply spitting bars, but he’s really speaking for himself. He knows where he’s at right now, he’s out in Manchester “just swerving with Balotelli”: he’s doing his thing. The YMCMB star has become increasingly versatile within the last few months, going from songs like “Pop That” and “Stay Schemin” to ones like these, where he can really portray what he wants; his flow and rhythm on this song gives reminiscence of “The Ride” on ‘Take Care’ featuring The Weeknd. One thing that Drake keeps writing and rapping about is how “people’s feelings have changed ever since [he] became something”, it seems as if Drake lost a few people along the way, the people that he didn’t have time to see when he was on his way up had abandoned him and left him to feel the way he does about them now. However, he’s still stuck with his old ATF crew, Hush and Niko for instance, not forgetting Chubbs and CJ either. As the hip-hop world knows, Drake has been labelled a very well-respected lyricist, he has had a lot of criticisms from artists, which usually ends up in diss tracks or something of the same nature – however, Drake consistently fires back by telling them that he’s not fazed: “they even bring up these niggas, make the comparison, they just gotta forgive me, this watch is a 150”, Drake shows that his money and wealth signifies his success and if anyone has something to say, then say it, he’s not even going to acknowledge it. Altogether, this track is a hit, the Drake and Aaliyah project definitely did work out and I’m sure that most fans will agree. Give it a listen. Enjoy.


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