“They Ready” – DJ Khaled, J. Cole, BIG KRIT and Kendrick Lamar


‘Kiss The Ring’ was bound to be a good album; DJ Khaled always releases decent projects, with ‘Victory’ and ‘We The Best Forever’ to prove that. J.Cole is new to these sorts of tracks, the sort that both DJ Khaled and DJ Drama do, bringing big artists together and making hits with them. Cole seems to take a lead role in this track, it seems to suit him more than both BIG KRIT and Kendrick. The instrumental is strangely different to what you’d expect from Khaled; maybe he’s changing up a little and straying away from the usual hard or catchy beats. It’s a calm tune,  it suits Cole’s vocals perfectly – his verse is appreciable, his flow is as normal, his lyrics are on point as usual, but the hook just sums up Cole’s lifestyle completely:  “Oh, that’s your dream car? Nigga, that’s my old whip. Oh, that’s your dream girl? Nigga, that’s my old bitch. Oh, that’s your new flow? Nigga, that’s my old shit…” then going onto the classic “one for the money, two for the show…” that compliments the beat immensely. Then comes BIG KRIT, he goes in, with the opportunity to branch out to new fans, he grasps them with his verse and then ends it with a warning for his new album. Kendrick Lamar is last, we all know what to expect, the unique flow, the creativity in the verse – well, that’s what we’ve got. In the hook, Cole says “this that new KRIT shit, that Cole shit…” – so Kendrick Lamar immediately comes in with “…hold up, but don’t forget about Compton, nigga…”; for some reason, Kendrick Lamar can spit his usual flow on any song, whether it be a fast or slow beat and it not seem abnormal, it always fits in, that’s the reason Kendrick Lamar is so popular, he’s extremely versatile. There are a few more hits from ‘Kiss The Ring’, so give it a listen! Enjoy.


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