A$AP Rocky – taking over hip-hop


The title is self-explanatory. The A$AP movement has taken to game by storm, after only 4 months, A$AP Rocky and the rest of A$AP Mob are on the way to becoming to future of hip-hop. The most prominent figure of the mob is A$AP Rocky, who has been seen as the pioneer right from the beginning. Last year, A$AP Rocky was unknown, him and his crew were in the studio once a week – they were dreamers. From working in the studio once a week came ‘LIVELOVEA$AP’, his first mixtape, it hit the internet and in came the response, fans started downloading it. It was a new sound, it was truly Harlem music. The whole A$AP Mob featured on the mixtape, whether that had been featuring on the track, producing them or even doing publicity for the mixtape, they all played their part. “Peso” was a real changing point for A$AP Rocky, his first hit song. This is the song that founded and originated Rocky’s “I be that pretty motherfucker…” – A$AP Twelvyy comments on this on the A$AP C4 Documentary (see previous post) by saying that for Rocky to go on a track and blast “I be that pretty motherfucker” is truly him. As the song became increasingly popular in the US, it started to branch out to other countries, Europe started to hear Rocky, they started to like him too. As soon as “Peso” touched down in the UK, people started to download the mixtape, fans started to show love on Twitter and before you know it, he was heading over to London for his first show. Everything has been moving so quick for Rocky, it’s amazing that he continues to keep up. Then came a quite patch, Rocky was back to work, after a little while of waiting, the Harlem native dropped “Goldie”, his most successful song to date. “Goldie” is a real modern hip-hop song, the melody, the flow, the rhythm, the distorted hook, it’s everything that the fans wanted to hear. Before we knew it, it was all over the radio, both in the US and in the UK. Rocky followed the success of the track by releasing the video, which he filmed in Paris – the visual shows a dedication to the whole A$AP Mob, with A$AP Yams being prominent in the visuals. Most recently, him and his team dropped the ‘Lord$ Never Worry’ mixtape, where as fans would expect, Rocky was the outstanding figure. The new sound was again reiterated for the world to listen and wait until A$AP Rocky drops his debut album on October 31st.

A$AP Rocky first received his $3 million record deal earlier this year, he hasn’t even been on the scene for a year; if his music stays consistent and his fan base keeps growing at the alarming rate is, then he’s definitely the one to watch. Keep an eye out. Enjoy.


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