DJ Drama ft. Drake and Future – “We In This Bitch 1.5”


DJ Drama’s upcoming album “Quality Street Music” has been highly-anticipated, everyone’s expectations raised when they saw the tracklist, the collaborations are second to none. “We In This Bitch” was previously dropped with Young Jeezy, T.I, Ludacris and Future, but Drama is putting the ‘1.5’ version on the album, featuring Drake. We haven’t heard from Drake in a while, most fans have heard a collaboration every now and then, but this feature comes with a message at the end, new music is on its way. Drake goes all out on this track, he is going for the same style that he previewed on “Pop That”, rapping about what is going on in his life, what has gone on and what’s to come. Of course Drake brings women into the equation, he opens with “Okay, you know you been on my mind, A-town, I miss you…”, maybe talking about a previous woman that he had connection with a while back. Then comes the flow, Drizzy consistently surprises fans with new rhythm, fast to slow, slow to fast, consistently fast, he can rap however he wants to. A fan favourite was chucked into the verse, when Drake sings “ahh yeeeaaaahh”. The addressing of other artists features once again, “Hope you don’t judge me, cos me and you are not all that different, you made me this way, you made me famous, you all assisted”, but that’s what fans like to hear from him (Drake), something personal. Then he comes back to his own self, targeting the threats: “New niggas tryna shine, I didn’t condone it, but I’m back in this bitch, reliving the moment…”, Drizzy isn’t letting anyone take his spot. Lastly, for all of the long waiting fans, Drake finishes with “I’m about to have it poppin’ off again”, suggesting that there is new music on the way, along with Chubbs uploading a picture onto Instagram a few days ago of finished songs sat on a computer screen in a studio, captioned “When we drop this tape its over…OvO/RepsUp…P.reign”.



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