A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar – “F**kin Problem”

If we weren’t anticipating LONGLIVEA$AP enough, this doubles the interest. A$AP Rocky has dropped a song that features all the artists hip-hop fans want to see on the same track. K-Dot is a surprise feature as his album drops in 4 days, so you’d expect that he would have been hard at work on good kid, m.A.Ad city; but after extensive praise from Rocky, the collaboration was bound to happen. A banger? Definitely. Expect to hear this on every hip-hop radio station, it’ll be on repeat.

Noah Shebib (40) has done the honours of producing this track. After being named in the top 25 hip-hop producers in the game, there was no doubt that he would play a part in a new Drizzy collaboration or solo piece within the near future. This project displays some of the best engineering that I’ve ever heard on a track: from the beat, to the fading of vocals, to the dynamics of the track – everything is precise.

The artists: A$AP Rocky, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. Without listening to the song, the title speaks for itself. This song shows not only problems generic to many rappers, but the personal problems or issues that these artists want to publicize. The intro to the song is misleading to say the least, but when the beat drops, it drops. 2 Chainz’ presence is felt from the other end of the speaker, so not only can we expect to see Tity Boi feature raps on tracks in the future, but hooks as well. Then comes the A$AP Mob general, A$AP Rocky. Rocky’s story is verging on unbelievable, it’s been a matter of months and his fan base is becoming increasingly large, he’s a prominent and popular figure to hip-hop fans worldwide. A$AP Rocky is changing New York rap for the better, fact. Does A$AP Rocky go in on his verse? You bet he does. Rocky doesn’t usually feature on beats like this, let alone name it his own; this change in flow and rhythm emphasises his diversity and applicability in the rap industry. Rocky raps, “ASAP, get like me, never met a motherfucker fresh like me”, showing his passion for the his crew after recent success on their mixtape Lord$ Never Worry. In comes the hook again, and next is no other than Champagne Papi (Drake), from the release of the Poetic Justice track yesterday, Drake fans were happy enough (the same goes for K.Dot fans), but this has taken the excitement to a whole new level. Drizzy’s verse is tight, he teases his lifestyle and gives an insight into the new Drake. But we still get the recent C. Papi that we’ve heard on collaborations similar to this, where he addresses his critics – “Oh word, ain’t heard my album, who you sleeping on? You should print the lyrics out and have a fuckin’ read-a-long”. As Drake says in Say Something, with Timbaland, “You can tell me that you never heard none of my songs, long as you end up saying one day you plan to listen, ’cause what’s a star when its most important fan is missing?”. Does money come into the equation? Of course, he jokes “I will pay to make it bigger, I don’t pay for no reduction”. Next to bless the beat is Kendrick Lamar, the winner of BET’s Lyricist Of The Year. “Girl, I’m Kendrick Lamar” is the introduction that he won’t need to make after 22nd October when his debut album drops. Kendrick’s flow is on point, as usual, his lyrics fit into every track he goes on, whether it be a fast or a slow track. With his album being no.1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart with it not even released yet, it’s set to meet the high expectations that rap critics are estimating.

Altogether, one of the best songs in 2012, but I’m sure there will be more to come from LongLiveA$AP.



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