Meek Mill’s “Intro” to ‘Dreams & Nightmares”

Meek Mill’s “Intro” to ‘Dreams & Nightmares”


Meek Mill has dropped one of the hottest intros ever heard. Not only does this sound like a song that belongs midway through the album, but a hit song nonetheless. Meek shows a story, from dreams to nightmares. The link to the intro was all over twitter, the intro itself was trending. Why? Because Meek has raised the bar. The track starts off with a slow piano instrumental, showing his dreams, then, comes the hard beat, his nightmares are shown within a fire verse. As his nightmares begin, Meek raps “Hold on, wait a minute.. y’all thought I was finished? When I bought that Aston Martin, y’all thought it was rented”. Meek shows pure aggression, killing every single bar. The production comes from The Beat Bully, who has showed the same prestige he has within the last year by making hits – from “Stay Schemin” to “House Party”, he’s definitely one of the top producers in the game right now.

‘Dreams & Nightmares’ has the potential to be a classic, an ‘Illmatic’ or a ‘2001’.



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