A$AP Rocky ft. Gunplay and A$AP Ferg – “Ghetto Symphony” [LISTEN]

“Ghetto Symphony” will appear on the Deluxe Version of A$AP Rocky’s LONG.LIVE.A$AP; it is one of the best songs from the album. So, if you’re planning on downloading the album, make sure you get the Deluxe Version. Coming to the track, it’s produced by V Don and Lord Flacko, it is a real bouncing, bumping, hard track. The start of the track differs to the main sample/instrumental, but that is a recurring feature throughout the album. But, after we hear a woman sing “Do just what I tell you, don’t come in any closer, and no one will get hurt, cause I dunno how long I can hold my heart in two”, we hear the beat burst into the scene, the engineering on the track, from the faded of one beat to another, to the mechanical beats into the main sample makes this song special – it’s one of those songs that you’d listen to in your room, wait for the drop and then when it’s about to come, anticipate and excite over it, then go crazy as soon as you hear the thuggish noise of Rocky. Rocky’s opening line “A rebel I be one day, on that track with Gunplay” sets the tone for the whole song, he comes together with two of his brothers, the only vibe you get from this song is “hip-hop”. We see the talk about food and alcohol and many other artists do; “Beef is on my entree, gin and juice, that’s Bombay” – maybe A$AP Rocky has been influenced by Wiz? You never know. The most memorable line of the whole song is when Rocky spits “Yeah, my mouth is full of gold and I’m a city boy, and my outfit was in Vogue, I’ma pretty boy”; is Rocky bothered that people question whether he’s homosexual or not due to the way he dresses? No, Rocky is classy, Rocky is high-end fashion, it’s a hobby, let him get on with his career. There is almost a small skit between each verse, which is good, as it allows the listener to reflect for a short while, then, before you know it, Gunplay is on the scene. The MMG artist is suited to the track, Gunplay is a thug and this track is suit for a thug. For his standard, Gunplay goes in, a relatively mediocre verse to some ears, but he goes in hard. A$AP Rocky’s ‘brozay’ that also belongs to the A$AP MOB, A$AP Ferg spits on the track. Ferg comes in with “Since Rocky spit like Andre, I’m gonna kill ’em like Big Boi”, both A$AP rappers pay homage to Outkast, who have presumably been a big influence in terms of style and flow.

All in all, this song will be in the top 50 best hip-hop songs of 2013, almost guaranteed.



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