HOT97 check up with A$AP Rocky and recap his biggest moments of 2012

Miss Info visits Rocky and Ferg in Harlem and discusses the year that the A$AP Mob have been through. Starting from nothing and becoming one of the biggest and best artists in the hip-hop game at the moment, not to state his unbelievable potential in the future, Rocky has had a phenomenal year. From the establishment of the A$AP movement, to the leak of his album, Rocky tells his fans about his come up. A memorable part of the interview, that hasn’t been fully discussed, is the leak of his album. Will it damage Rocky as an artist? No. Rocky is a future star, not to say that he already isn’t, but he is elevating, further and further; he’s become, as mentioned before, one of the biggest stars in the game, just think what he can do within another year or two – mind blowing. A$AP Rocky doesn’t seem to be affected by the leak, sure, he’s disappointed, but Rocky states “I’ve been waiting for people to hear this music for so damn long… I made my art, y’all love it and that’s all I cared about; and I just wanna thank everybody who anticipated this and was waiting.” Rocky makes music because he loves it, music is an art, respect the movement. A$AP. Enjoy.


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