Meek Mill ft Guordan – “From Da Bottom” (LISTEN)

Meek Mill drops the first single from his third part of the Dreamchasers collection. Dreamchasers 2 was a huge success, so too was his first album Dreams and Nightmares, so there is a lot of pressure on Meek for this new project; this song follows the path that Meek has shown throughout his music recently, showing how he’s came up. Fans have seen enough of that from Meek now and want something new, but it’s only the first track so there shouldn’t be any jumps to any conclusions; Meek usually structures his projects cleverly. The track itself features Guordan, a name unknown to some, who is signed to Meek’s Dreamchasers label – he may be a prominent artist in the upcoming tape. Meek’s passion is still heard as usual, he really spits his mind into the mic, he has a lot of rhymes in his head; it almost seems as if he spontaneously raps every thought and it somehow fits together, it works. With the dedication shown by the MMG artist, the tape is set to be promising.


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