Kendrick Lamar’s show at Hammersmith Apollo, London

K Dot finally came back to London, much to the fans’ delight. London was the finale of the UK tour, after visiting Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle before. There were two support acts: Scrufizzer and Rascals – out of the two, Scrufizzer popped off a lot more at the Apollo, being from West London himself, he was truly at home; through his quick flow and switches between popular beats, he got the crowd in the right mindset for what Kendrick Lamar had to bring them. “The Art of Peer Pressure” started playing, the audience started chanting the lyrics, then it stopped and Kendrick Lamar came on. The energy that Kendrick came with was heavily unexpected, he couldn’t have been more turnt up. He went through many songs, ranging from tracks off Overly Dedicated, to Section.80, to good kid, m.A.A.d city; his true fans turned out and rapped to their fullest. Throughout his set, the crowd participation couldn’t have been better, the most notable crowd cooperation was in ‘Backseat Freestyle’ – the crowd may as well have had a mic each, “Martin had a dream, Martin had a dream… Kendrick have a dream” echoed throughout the whole venue, as did “Biatch! Biatch!” later on in the track. The audience also saw Kendrick pay homage to his brother, A$AP Rocky by performing “F**kin Problem”. At the ‘end’ of his set, when a lot of people thought the show was over, fans were chanting “Kendrick! Kendrick! Kendrick!” and thankfully, he reappeared and the intro to ‘Cartoons & Cereal’ started playing, it was dark until the end of the intro and then the crowd were shouting “BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU-BLU” whilst having their ‘gun fingers’ in the air – the energy was electrifying. Overall, Kendrick’s performance was extremely dynamic and entertaining. Whenever he comes back, buy yourself a ticket. TDE. Enjoy.


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