The Lonely Island – YOLO (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar) [VIDEO]

The Lonely Island have recruited Adam Levine and rapper Kendrick Lamar to show their take on Drake’s ‘YOLO’. To start, this video is not to make fun of Drake, different connotations came with the phrase when it was first introduced, but, over the past year, ‘YOLO’ has been an excuse to do crazy, wild and regretful actions – ‘YOLO’ is now used an excuse for something rather than a reason. So, The Lonely Island go into it with some funny punchlines: “Then bury all yo’ money in the backyard, like a Beagle”, “Then hire a taster, make him check your food for poison and if you think your mailman is a spy, then destroy him!”, “two words about furniture,¬†killing machines“. It is strange to see Kendrick Lamar in a parody video, he doesn’t come across as a very funny guy, not that he seems unfunny, it’s just he doesn’t publicize his personality that much. But, we see that Kendrick has a comic side, his mannerisms are perfect, his body language shows a joking nature and the little end of the punchlines make the song even more enjoyable. We then see him end nicely with the same “Beast!” as he did in “F**kin Problem”. A surprisingly good take on ‘YOLO’ by The Lonely Island. Take a look or a listen. Enjoy.



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