Is Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” a Hip-Hop Anthem?

As mentioned previously, Drake has been quiet for a fair while, but now he is slowly getting into the swings of releasing his newest projects. From seeing Wiz Khalifa quickly jump on the beat, to now MGK and Soulja Boy doing the same a few days after the song was originally dropped; it’s evident that the rappers themselves like it. Do the fans? They sure do. Peter Rosenberg is a big Drake fan and dropped the verdict that this track is “Fire!”. Yes, the main theme that is constantly being thrown around by Drake is that he’s been down with his crew since the beginning; but that’s something to preach about, not many rappers in the game stick with near to all the people they originally hung around with.

“No new n***as, n***a, we don’t feel that. Fuck a fake friend, where ya real friends at?”

The one outstanding thing that Drake has proven from this track is his versatility, which is constantly growing. Take Care was very different to Thank Me Later, this is even more different – in fact, some tracks from Thank Me Later are nearly polar opposites to this. It’s not a bad change either, with the comments that have been passed around, everything is positive. Of course, Drake will get critics, but so does everybody. Even when Kendrick Lamar dropped good kid, m.A.A.d city, which was said to be a ‘perfect’ album and the ‘ultimate Compton album’, it received negative comments. But as Drake asks for, give him the credit where it’s due. Let’s look forward to the new project. Also, props to the recently signed producer Mike Zombie who engineered the song. OVO. Enjoy.


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