Drake – “Started From The Bottom” (MUSIC VIDEO) [WATCH]

Drake is back with a new visual for the new single, “Started From The Bottom”, from his upcoming album. Straight up, this is one of the most astonishing and entertaining videos to hit the hip-hop world in a very long while. From start to finish, this has you gripped to the screen, at the start we see OVO Ryan (Ryan Silverstein) and OB O’Brien (you may remember him from the “HYFR” video) working with Drizzy at a supermarket; it follows the name of the song, he gets a promotion – although some may find it cheesy, it’s innovative, how often do you see that in a typical rap video? Ryan Silverstein and OB O’Brien are hilarious and make a great scene of the video. Shout-outs go to both of them. Then we see Drizzy cruising in Toronto wearing all white in his all white Bentley, if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. There is also a cameo of Drake’s mother outside of the house that he grew up in when he drops the line about living there, it’s nice to see Mama Graham on set. Drake took over a bowling alley for night and after he threw that strike it looks as if the place went off, it looks crazy; the whole video looks like a massive celebration party and so it should be. One of the nicest cameos in the visual is when the line “I’ma worry ’bout me, give a f**k about you” goes, Drake shows pure attitude to the people that criticize him; he hasn’t got any time for that anyway. Drizzy and his crew always rep Toronto, when the “Started From The Bottom” billboard, the city and fans went mad – it’s a nice touch to the project. Then (the list seems endless), we see the jet, Drake doesn’t flaunt his money half as much as other rappers, but man, we see why he’s on Forbes list every year. The scenes of him and the whole OVO team on vacation is a nice way to end it all off, again, it seems as if it’s one huge party. Props to Director X, C. Papi himself and all of the OVO crew, especially Ryan and OB. OVO. Enjoy.


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