Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake – “Poetic Justice” (MUSIC VIDEO) [WATCH]

Hip-hop is starting to become the place to be when it comes to visuals. Yet another astonishing hip-hop video, following the brilliance of others, such as “Started From The Bottom”, “Diced Pineapples” and Kendrick’s last video for “Backseat Freestyle”. The start of the video features a backing sample used in a few songs from good kid, m.A.A.d city, we see Compton and the gang culture, strangely before quite a pleasant, well-cut track. But all violence of the culture of Compton is forgotten as we see Kendrick lock eyes with his ‘lover’ in the video. The cameos throughout the video are extremely well-rehearsed and performed, the production of the visual itself is impeccable. This track was a big hit due to the main man from Toronto, Drake. Drizzy plays a particular character in a rather weirdly structured and planned out video, the plot ties love with gang and gun violence, which may not be typical for the majority, but for Kendrick, maybe the two tie together in Compton; maybe. Drake gives us the usual, the look that every female fan wants to get; Drake does his part in contributing to an excellent visual. Altogether, Kendrick has pulled off yet another impressive video for a doubly impressive track. TDE x OVO. Enjoy.


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