Drake – “5am in Toronto” (NEW MUSIC) [LISTEN]

Drake is back. “Started From The Bottom” got fans excited, but now Drizzy has got the whole hip-hop industry eager. Another Toronto native, Boi-1da, who has been with Drake from day, has produced this track and props to him. As the track starts, an electro feel comes across, but is quickly switched to a powerful, heavy beat for Drake to lay his flow down on. Drake addresses a lot of issues in this track; the same flow from “9am in Dallas” is used – all bars, no hook. He starts with “You underestimated greatly, most no.1’s ever, how long did it really take me?” – it took 4 years: that’s why Drake should be feared. 4 years in the game and Drake has become, on paper, near to the most successful rapper of all time, now with his first Grammy, 2 Songwriter of the Year awards, multiple other awards and having 30 songs recorded in the Billboard 100; give it 5 more years and let’s see how he’s doing, it’s almost unimaginable due to the potential that Drake is continuously showing.  Usually in an all bars, no hook sort of track, you’ll be able to pick out a few lines that really punch holes, there are more than a few on this track. Drake has really gone hard in the studio and this may not even feature on any upcoming projects. That’s what Drake can do, release a song for free, send the internet crazy, silence critics and still keep improving consistently. Drake hits rappers hard with “I could load every gun with bullets that fire backwards, you probably wouldn’t lose a single rapper” – making outspoken claims like that is a gamble, but it’s what make others appreciate Drake. Many rappers applauded Drake for “Started From The Bottom” because it was an anthem that is generalizable for many in the game; but now the appreciable thing are the lyrics, innovativeness and creativity. Drake even addresses the Chris Brown situation that happened in the summer, Drake is spitting real life. But the main shot is at MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list, where Drake raps “”I’m the only n***a still known for the music, I swear. F**k them n***as this year, I made Forbes list n***a, f**k your list, everything’s looking gorgeous”. Actions speak louder than words; this isn’t just a load of words, it’s a huge action that has only just started. There has been some tiny criticisms by people that seem to be disagree with the statements being made by Drizzy; surprisingly, most of these comments are stemming from jealousy. The internet almost went stir-crazy over the track and it’s understandable why: it’s Drake. OVO are killing tracks all day. OVO Sound. Enjoy.


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