Favourite Artists: Big Sean

G.O.O.D Music signee, Big Sean. Coming from Detroit, he doesn’t have a lot of competition from his home (apart from Eminem, obviously), but otherwise, the only other relatively popular rapper from the D is Danny Brown – but Sean is on a whole different level to him.

When Kanye signed him a few years ago he came out with a single named “My Last” with Chris Brown which was definitely targeted for radio play, you know, to get his name out there. When I first heard it, honestly, I didn’t really like him. But hey, times change, rappers evolve and get better. His debut album, Finally Famous gave me faith, with songs like “I Do It”, “Memories” and “Marvin and Chardonnay” proving to me that Kanye was having a good influence on him (not to say he wasn’t making his own music, but come on, labels have a noticeable contribution to debut albums). I’m currently listening to “Marvin and Chardonnay”, regretfully forgetting how much of a hit this is – give it a listen now and try to disagree with me.

Then, came a long awaited mixtape named Detroit that showed Big Sean wasn’t all about radio play, he’d changed his ways and as he established himself in the tight rap circle, he could unleash his spitting game. Songs like “Higher”, “Mula”, “FFOE” and “RWT” showed that he could really make some impressive rap songs. Catchy hooks and memorable verses. Sean was on his way. The tracks named above are easily my favourites from the tape. Strangely, one of my favourite things about Big Sean is his vocals and his ad-libs (although some people find them very annoying).

Big Sean has just dropped his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame and in my opinion, it’s a great album. Easily my favourite project from him and I’ve now got more favourite songs by him. “First Chain” is a great track, one of my favourite from the album – Nas was an impressive feature to get, I think Cudi spoils it a tiny bit because his flow and vocals contrast too much from the beat and definitely the hook. Oh well, still a good record. “10 2 10” is also a favourite, the beat, the production and the concept is brilliant. It sums up Sean’s work ethic – impeccable. He does have some hits on there though, not just lyrical tracks. That’s one thing Sean has done actually, proved himself as a lyrical rapper and not so much a chart or club rapper. He proved that on “Control” (yes, the Kendrick verse one), where he spazzed, Sean SNAPPED on that track and obviously his verse gets overshadowed due to the name dropping. But yeah, the hits from the album: “Fire”, “Guap” and “Beware”. I like all three and the ones I named before; they’re all my favourites from the album.

Big Sean is a rapper that has grown on me massively over the years, he keeps impressing and evolving as a rapper, to be the best.

Listen and download Hall Of Fame, you won’t regret it.


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