What Do We Know About Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ So Far

Nothing Was The Same comes out in just 9 days and it is a good time to reflect on what Drizzy has built up for us in terms of expectations. In early February, Drake released what was meant to be the lead single for the album, a track entitled “Started From The Bottom” – regardless of what small, narrow-minded people say about how ‘incorrect’ the message Drake is sending out, Drake has the hip-hop song of the year. It’s gone double platinum and has been blaring on radio stations and clubs since it was released. A few months ago, Drake released 4 tracks on his newly-renowned OVOSOUND website – only one of those tracks, “The Motion” will feature on the album (only the special edition Best Buy one). But, that got us thirsty for more – I mean, if Drake could release those songs for free, imagine the sort of music we’re gonna have to pay for. Other tracks that we heard a few weeks/months ago were “All Me”, featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean which will feature on the Deluxe album and “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, which is the lead single, according to Drake. They’re both great songs, and together, they exhibit the Toronto rapper’s great versatility when gracing a microphone. In the past week, Drake has allowed the album to be preordered on iTunes, both in the US and in Europe (also, presumably across the world). He made the song “Wu-Tang Forever” available to download to give listeners a taster for the album and man, he didn’t disappoint. The track features 3 flows, the first, a slow, calm riff where Drake features the phrase “It’s Yours”. He then goes onto a split flow where he raps “How you feel about. Coming home with a. Nigga for the night” which then sets him up for his main verse. The verse is confident, Drake really isn’t playing in this verse. He’s showing off the state of mind he’s in – nothing can beat him, he knows how important and relevant he is. It’s very appealing. My favourite lyric from the track is when he evidently takes shots at Chris Brown when he raps, “I just like the rush when you see your enemy somewhere in the club and you realise he’s just not in the position to reciprocate your energy, you ain’t never worried, cos he’s not who he pretends to be”. Drake isn’t scared – he’s not a fighter, but when he gets his words out, you know you don’t want to mess with him. He’s mess you up, lyrically.

Now, let’s come to the real topic of conversation, the track that he previewed on Jimmy Fallon last night, entitled “Too Much”. First off, his performance was amazing, I really enjoyed it. I actually thought that it would be another song that Drake would sing on, considering the title and the feature, I was expecting singing. Like most Drake fans, I prefer when Drake is rapping. Why? Because, when he is, he’s probably the best rapper in the business. Doubt that? Check the records. Fuck your opinion (excuse me). But seriously, the rapping on this track is impeccable. From the topic choice to the flow, I couldn’t ask more of Drake. Plus, 40 (Noah Shebib – his producer) has done an amazing job. My favourite part of the production is the smooth transition from the hook to the verse, it’s insanely soft on the ears – it’s incredible. The second verse is deep, you could tell Drake really had to dig down to get that from pen to paper, but I think all fans will appreciate how open he’s being. It’s outstanding. It’s probably my favourite release from Nothing Was The Same that we’ve heard so far.

But seriously, this is going to the album of the year. Mark my words. Great songs, great vibes, great movements. New legends. September 24th is approaching rapidly. Be ready.

OVO. NWTS. Juss Wait On It.


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